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Postby pelagori » Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:55 pm

don't get me wrong - i have used my colorado to find over 500 caches and its a sweet unit with great features for geocaching and great ergonomics. however i have been dis satisfied with an expensive toy that does not seem to perform as well as it should. returning down the same path i found the track 60' away from that on my inward journey. stationary i found it "jumpy" with the compass "spinning". it took too long at start-up to get a lock on satellites. all in all i thought it should be better.

recently i upgraded the s/w to version 3.20 and also took the two optional gps h/w driver patches. since then, the unit is transformed. the gps firmware still says 2.90 but all the problems appear to be fixed! earlier today i did stuyvesant cove. i got out of the subway at 23rd & park and walked briskly toward the cache. the gps got a lock on satellites before 3rd av and by the time i got to the fdr i had WAAS & 10 strong satellite signals for a reported 8' accuracy - on the streets of NYC!! i stood still watching it for a few minutes and the reading was steady with no change in location reported! this is a big change from prior behavior. outside my apartment in brooklyn just now i got a satellite lock in 10 seconds from switching the unit on!

colorado owners - upgrade to 3.20 and take the optional gps h/w patches!

version 3.20 is new - not even covered in the colorado wiki!

post your colorado gripes here and lets see if we can't get value for money out of our investment!
... pelagori (AKA Nick).
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