2011 Metro GC Award Nominees!

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2011 Metro GC Award Nominees!

Postby addisonbr » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:47 pm

The Nominations are in!

Cleverest Hide / Best Camo
Don't Honk by Behistun GC2WKRQ
Ghost Piers by Bouledogue GC32F4X
A Light Stroll by HarryKevinCaching GC39KMF
Squirreled Away by RuthNY GC2BW5C
Trinity Church Cemetery (NYC) by dolemite9 GC2T8ZP

Best Location / View
A Finger in the Hudson by Bouledogue GC30YF5
Hudson Vista by Behistun GC31BBG
numberology - lucky 7 by GCcarlos-XP GC2WWEB
Sleepy Hollow's Sunset by TeamMagicParrot GC2Z9RF

Best Hike
April Fools Cache by bsatroop309 GC2PR8M
Flushing Meadows Park by *Jeremy* GC2P0GE
Fort Tryon Park (NYC) by dolemite9 GC2ZXRM
Roosevelt Island - A Tram Ride and So Much More by WherigoBilder GC2P4T4
Serene Scene by Limzy GC30WKV

Most Satisfying Puzzle
Do the math! (NYC) by dolemite9 GC2Y8PF
It Begins At The Childrens Gate by childofatom GC2NHWJ
It Begins At The Girls Gate by childofatom GC2TVNF
Museum of Natural History by Psy235 GC38ZCA
Safe Cracker: Video Killed the Radio Star by LoudmouthLee GC393GR

Best Series
The Douglaston, NY Trail by Scouter568 (example GC2NXKB)
Harry Potter by Sonoluminous (example GC30XHH)
Legion of Doom by GerkMax (example GC2PRTN)
Morris Canal Greenway by pmolan (example GC2ZCGF)
numberology by GCcarlos-XP (example GC30J78)
OCATT by BriGuyNY (example GC2R6Z1)

Best Log
4quA5 by cache_ninja, log by pvdjr
Around the bend by Don_Firebomb, log by mmacgown
Bond... James Bond by buzzy_cacher, log by BriGuyNY
Bowery Stretch by Fats277, log by Vinny & Sue Team
Paint By GPS by UndercoverArtNYC, log by gerkmax

Best of the Bronx
Babyluvs Prickly Cache ver. 1 by jalmodovar GC2TY90
Charles M. Lee Triangle by vincenzosi GC2Y3H6
Team Goldy's Evil #1 by team goldy c,l,t,b GC38JMC
Three Bridges (Redux) by Behistun GC30YBZ

Best of Brooklyn
BONUS The Mighty Ocean Current - Captain's Booty by SyNNq, LadiHazer GC37GCQ
Fort Greene by CassidyCarolyn GC38A3P
Mrs. Tree's Treasure by toughguys GC2TGFY
Secret Sketchbook by Heyseanmcbride GC2YQC6

Best of Manhattan
The Flight Deck by Bouledogue GC36722
The Garden of Eden by TrinityWallStreet GC37G80
A Grand Self-Portrait by UndercoverArtNYC GC2XN0R
Haunted New York - 29 E 4 St by pelagori GC31F30
Madison Square Madness by pvdjr GC32JQX

Best of Queens
Cunningham Park SMS Cache by MickeyNurse GC303AY
Meet the Mets by MetsFanInNJ GC2XBBB
Little Bay Park by *Jeremy* GC2XPHK
On the way to Fort Totten by RRH_DDS GC2RGKG
The Queens Giant by *Jeremy* GC2TXTV

Best of Staten Island
The Barbican of Mariners Harbor by The-Shadow GC30ZC6
Blazing Star Cache by Jenna1229 GC341C5
Danny's Sanctuary by CLS1225 GC343Q4
Just a bounce away by Applesauceandvinegar GC33MNW
Twin Tanks Cache by ModernDayIndy GC2KZJR

Best Outside of NYC
Bird Bonanza II by goldfinch180 GC36D8E
The Butler Series - BONUS by WE CACHE 365 GC32PT7
In Memory of George by stron GC2R395
Monkey Wrench by BriGuyNY GC2PNYE
Size Not Chosen by dkeato GC38KHX

Cache of the Year
Blue Cache Challenge by BriGuyNY GC2Z3D2
The Doctor Who Series: The Tenth Doctor by ferreteers GC2TDF4
Harry Potter The Memory (#1) by Sonoluminous GC30XGM
Lost Cities? by Lati-dude GC2FKAQ
numberology - harmonious 8 by GCcarlos-XP GC30ZKJ
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Re: 2011 Metro GC Award Nominees!

Postby ruthny » Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:34 am

Thanks for compiling all this, Brett. So many of them are out of NYC this year, that I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to vote in many of the categories. But, it's nice to see the outer boroughs, and even caches out of the city, included!
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Re: 2011 Metro GC Award Nominees!

Postby schbus86 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:42 pm

Thank you guys for the nomination. I've done a number of the nominee caches & as I said in the past years ALL the nominees are WINNERS. :D
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Re: 2011 Metro GC Award Nominees!

Postby LoudmouthLee » Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:46 pm

I really appreciate the nomination. I'm really proud. To be mentioned in this amazing company is quite surreal.
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