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Worst Container Thread

Postby dolemite9 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:56 pm

So, when we find a neat place to hide a new cache, it is pretty exciting. As we get experience doing such, we quickly learn the ropes of how to make such a hide stand the ravages of time, the elements, and careless cachers. Whether it be from the extensive experiences of those before us, or from the trials and tribulations of direct experience, we pick up a knowledge-base. Of course we want our hides to be around for a long time and bring joy to as many folks as possible.

So to help facilitate progress along these lines (and have a bit of a chuckle/fun), I thought it would be instructive to start a thread that highlighted some of the worst container types that we have come across. There is no disrespect nor shame here (ideally any cache containers noted will be identity-less), just the goal of improving how to pass on knowledge of pitfalls to avoid. Preferably pics will be posted as well to help illustrate the point. Please feel free to make a post identifying a particularly egregious example (or even just a comment) here so the thread doesn't fizzle out.

To start out, I'll propose the first:
1. A ziploc bag in the woods on the forest ground (typically covered with something such as sticks or a rock)
Forested ziploc bag.jpg
Ziploc bag on the ground in the woods = bad

Not only does the log quickly become unsignable, but usually hosts a whole range of nasty bacteria that will likely cause finders to contract some flesh-eating disease. And also note the little scraps of paper people leave behind (you always need to leave your ink behind, right?) that quickly add to the soggy/bacteria-ridden mess! Avoid!! At the very least, get a cheap lock-and-lock at the dollar store!

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Re: Worst Container Thread

Postby Harry Dolphin » Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:25 pm

Worst cache we've found? Take-out food container hidden under a ten-pound rock on a lawn. (Sorry. I did not take a photo.) I called it 'the smashed cache.'
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