User Dynamic D/T Rating System??

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User Dynamic D/T Rating System??

Postby dolemite9 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:55 am

Just wanted to post a topic about a point my wife raised that I thought was pretty good. I am guessing there is some history to this topic, so please forgive my ignorance of a foundation others have likely explored/fleshed out (e.g., a previous thread here or on the forums).

So what if users (i.e., finders) could post their estimates of what the difficulty and terrain ratings should be for a found cache? The cache page would indicate the current average rating (once there are at least, say, 2 or more finder-generated estimates), presumably along with the cache owner's initial estimate. With a click, users could also see a timeline of the votes submitted (e.g., the difficulty decreased with time, suggestive that....). By having a more user-driven rating system, it may be easier to get a more uniform set of ratings and avoid wildly mis-classified caches such as GCP0Z1 (thereby taking some pressure off of the reviewers). Furthermore, given that conditions change with time (e.g., the tree or fence post the hide was placed in eventually fell over and it is much easier to find now), it seems also that a dynamic system is also desirable.

Technically, I wouldn't think it hard to implement at least a preliminary version of such, though surely it would take time to design/tweek/fine tune (e.g., design so people's feelings don't get 'hurt'). I realize Groundspeak already provides users w/ 'Favorite' points, with which one can assign as they please. While this system has come under criticism from what I can see (e.g., it only awards, but does not allow critical/constructive feedback), it seems like a reasonable start. Something like has the weakness that it is not DIRECTLY tied to Groundspeak (despite their claim "GCVote's most powerful feature is the complete integration with the website"), thereby potentially making such a system effectively invisible to most users. But both of these are a bit irrelevant re what is being proposed here, as I am talking specifically re difficulty/terrain ratings only, not some vague 'awesomeness' score.

Perhaps something along these lines has already been tried and this is a bit of a non-issue? It just seems to me that something more robust specifically with regard to better quantifying what an appropriate difficulty/terrain rating 'should be' would be helpful/powerful.

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Re: User Dynamic D/T Rating System??

Postby slukster » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:25 pm

I think this is a great idea. Sort of like on the website which has their editor's rating and the user's rating:


Make it anonymous so you can be honest and not have to fear retribution if you insult the CO and it could be very useful information.

You might want to visit's feedback website
and post your idea and see if any other cachers like your idea.
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Re: User Dynamic D/T Rating System??

Postby halijusapa » Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:36 pm

I like this idea.
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