2010 Metro GC Awards Nominations are Open!

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2010 Metro GC Awards Nominations are Open!

Postby addisonbr » Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:44 pm

Nominations for the 2010 Metro geocache awards are now open!

Caches must have been initially placed during 2010 somewhere in the New York Metropolitan area. Nominations may come from any and all cachers. You may make multiple nominations for any category; if you think of more than one deserving candidate, please let me know.

*** Please include the GC waypoint number or a link for caches with your nominations! ***

Nominations can be emailed to addisonbr at gmail dot com, through Metro private message with this link, sent through the groundspeak servers with this link, or so on and so forth.

We've made a few adjustments to the categories (thanks much to pelagori for his invaluable help on that topic). Without further ado, the categories:

Cleverest Hide / Best Camo - If necessity is the mother of invention, caching in an area densely packed with almost 20 million people is the mother of great containers and hides. Honor your favorites here.

Best Location / View - Some caches are like real estate - all about location, location, location. If a cache took you to a spot that took your breath away, this is the place for it.

Best Hike - In this part of the country, we can't take nice hikes for granted. Help us identify the best of the best here.

Most Satisfying Puzzle - Not necessarily the hardest puzzle mind you.

Best Series - Some cache ideas are just too big for one listing.

Best Log - By popular demand, we're going to bring this category back... if a log from 2010 caught your fancy, let's recognize it! As long as there is some relevance to the Metro area we'd love to give it some attention. Pretty much anything by a Metro cacher and/or left on a Metro cache would be great.

Best All-Around - with six sub-categories! Nominate your favorite caches in each of six geographical regions:
The Bronx
Staten Island
Outside NYC (Long Island, NW NJ, Westchester, etc.)

Cache of the Year

(If there are categories that you think we should recognize but that are not listed above, please get in touch with me.)

Nominations are due March 6th. Looking forward to hearing from you -

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