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Postby Tatanka49 » Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:24 pm

I have noticed a change in NY Admin comments to various caches that have gotten reviewer notes in recent weeks. The comments are no longer abrupt and seem almost friendly and helpful. This is not the NY admin that we have grown to complain about. Or were they told to become more human.

I just entered 2 event caches--the Boy scout one in Forest Park (no response yet) and one that the City of Rye has asked NY Metro to do in November that a number of you have volunteered for. Rye got turned down saying that GC events have to be for current GCers only--and no more GC 101 for new people. They were actually NICE about the turn down and almost apologetic. So I of course, sent a rebuttal and asked for a clarification. I said that I have run a couple of these before (all approved) and I gave an example of another one http://coord.info/GC2DN5B being held about the same time (although it's not in NY)

I can understand the logic and I asked for a clarification on policy...it's just the way that I was turned down.
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